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*Worth a Thousand Words

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Worth a Thousand Words

Greg Adams celebrates his OT winner bringing the Canucks into the Stanley Cup Finals.

The puck first dropped on October 9th, 1970...the Vancouver Canucks were born. Since then the Canucks have taken the fans onto a journey of a lifetime. From making it to the finals on 2 occasions and having rough ends during the season. But one thing is for sure we can never mention a player's name or even glance at a heart-warming photo without flashing a smile. This band of hockey players not only play the game but they make it invigorating and surely unforgettable. On and off the ice you can laugh your head off after a pesky player draws a penalty for face-washing or even when 2 friends joke around about who's better on break-aways. You can also break a tear when a game is won in dramatic OT fashion or even when players find themselves in an honorable position. This team has certainly done that. This site is dedicated to the Canuck fans who want to go back and remember all those remarkable and hysterical moments that made us cry happy tears. There are numerous quotes that can take us back into the day, present day and the future. This site also embraces memorable pictures that continue to remind us what an astounding and curiously funny team the Canucks are on and off the ice. But lets not forget the moments themselves, you can re-live the most memorable moments of seasons in this very site. So, I hope you enjoy as I continue to update the most memorable and hilarious moments through quotes, pictures and memories the Canucks and the fans have faced and smiled at. I hope you can all leave this site with a smile on your face and hopefully it can continue your day with the memory of 'that' special moment you remembered and loved. Thank you in advanced for taking the opportunity to visit my site. Keep having faith...

Roger Neilson 1934-2003, the man that brought us towel power will always live on...

The first Canucks GM Norman R. (Bud) 1925-2005...Thank You for bringing us the Vancouver Canucks!