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*Worth a Thousand Words

*Worth a Thousand Words
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My Quotes

When you try to explain something that cannot be put into words you find yourself saying things that you don't expect to come out. Sometimes the unexpected come out right...

When the game seems finished and hope is lost ask yourself this: "How long does it take to make a goal?"
My answer is simple: "As long as you have faith"
"Without the evil in this world heroes wouldn't be born and miracles wouldn't happen"
"Life itself is not complicated; it's just how the one living that life makes it..."
"I knew that finding the pieces of the puzzle would be difficult but putting them together takes even more time..."
"I finally found a title for my book, now all I have to do is write the story..."
"Hockey is not just a sport; it's a way of life... "
"Sometimes losing something important can mean finding something special..."

"There is no win without a loss..."
 In Trevor Linden's words "You don't know how good the good times were until you hit the bad times." This can help explain this quote. You can't say you've won until you've previously exprienced a loss. And you can't say you're happy if first you weren't sad...Or you can say..."D-men makes mistakes so that goalies can make great saves..."
"If you wanna have skills then you're gonna need a heart to work 'em"
When Trent Klatt left the Canucks many were heart-broken and others were not so heart-broken. Many started to explain why Klatt should of been kept and why he's such a big part of the team...because he had heart. But in response to that some said that yes, he does have heart but 'nothing else.' This is what the quote is need a heart to work your skills and Klatt had that heart.
"Most of the time the deepest things people have to say can't be rehearsed or put into typing, you just have to be lucky enough to be there with a pen and paper when someone says something life-changing..."

"Hockey is my life, and for most theirs, some say that hockey is just a game but think about it this is life, but sometimes you have to sacrifice your life for another's."

My thought when I hear some hockey players say that hockey is just a game and there are situations where you give it up for something more important like family...but you can say that hockey is your life but sometimes you got to give up your life for the sake of anothers' life.