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*Worth a Thousand Words

*Worth a Thousand Words
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A Poetic Voice

"I hope these poems I wrote back in the day

Can help describe all the things I can't say

These poems mean a lot to me, they come from the heart

I hope they can help tell my difference apart..."

1. A Night with one too many Thoughts-- This poem is about Cooke's game-tying goal in game 7 vs. the Calgary Flames...and, unfortunately, Gelinas' game-winning goal as well.
O 2. True Fans-- A somewhat narrative poem that tells a story about how true fans can affect the players.
3. From the First towards the Last-- This poem is about the first Canucks goal scored by Barry Wilkins and also, it's about awaiting the final goal.
4. How to be a True Hockey Fan-- This poem was written during the Canucks and Blues Play-off series in 2002-2003. Basically, the title can summarize things up.
5. We'll always be-- A poem about the true, loyal fans of this band, one will agree that we'll always be...
6. An Ameliorated era-- This poem talks about how these guys have helped me and one day, I hope to return the favour.
T 7. Sonnet #16--
Number 16, this sonnet is about the greatest and most respected Canuck of them all.
8. Think Twice-- A simple poem about a fighter who thinks he's failed as a player but he should of thought twice...
9. Overtime-- A haiku written about those 2 simple letters: OT.

A Night with one too many Thoughts


The cerulean night suited

The sinister skies of crimson light

A serene breeze streamed across

The mysterious mount of timeless rocks


The trees sang a beautiful song

They waved kindly from note to note

The emerald hills of olive green glistened

The sun set to convene the opposite parallel


Promising had illustrated through frozen water

The internal field aroused in awfully joyful emotions

Overly prevailing the means of this dynamic band

Uncalled and unwanted, an intrusion of dazed thoughts grew


The night's heartbeat impeded to a single episode

Flashed feelings dreamt unkindly into the night

A thought of the vision died in one's heart

For this night will not be alike  


A day that will never come again

Forgotten, but will never end

Tears abandoned the eyes of true believers

Left alone within a distant mind, a disbelief


A feeling that was once blissful now a burden

An affliction of befuddled glimpses of the past moment 

Still in a far-fetched realm in an unknown space

A wonder circled around the minds of devoted characters


Matters and remarks echoed the once tranquil freedom

A joining of tribute and desolation in a single act

A feeling of contentment left behind and resolute

Two vastly diverse feelings never to be mingled 


A room now overflowing by means of baffled perception

Not a window to escape, not a corner to conceal

A door kept shut by faithful, though, foreign hands

Two feelings caught inside one thought


This season to the following, one fixture it will end

Thus year on year we await only to know one sunny thought

Though this one night was akin to disparate others  

Still, it stands alone, a night with one too many thoughts

True Fans


10 seconds remain in the last period of his game


The face-off is on the opponent's side

He stands watching the goal with nothing to hide


His hands are shaking, his visions a blur

Is the puck coming? He's not sure


A small entity was moving slowly into his grasp

He didn't know what to do but he had to move fast


He made a move with his eyes closed tight

Praying to God his shot was alright


Then a long pause made his heart beat

As he opened his eyes he saw only his feet


Breathing heavily as hard as can be

The crowds are cheering; he asks are they cheering for me?


His teammates are skating towards him with smiles

He knows the pain and the stress were all worthwhile


He's cheering with pride, his happiness rests

In the crowd he sees why he did his best

From the First towards the Last


The Friday night was cold and awaited

15,062 came to see what has been created

A ceremony with speeches, pipe bands and red carpets

The sounds of anticipation rose through the planets


The clamour of the arena soon came to an end

20 new faces were about to ascend 

The colours of blue, green and white

They gleamed upon the ice so clear and bright


They looked up into the crowds to see their newborn fans

The one's who'll pull them up when no one else can

The sound of the buzzer rang through their hearts

This was the beginning of a whole new start


Two respected gentlemen took to centre ice

They shook each other's hand, appearing precise

The puck dropped denoting the match finally began

A whole new page in history was Canadian


The first period was a tight scoreless tie

Yet they played blissfully as they skated by

Ross Lonsberry of the LA Kings scored a 2-goal lead

But early in the third did the LA net-minder concede


Defenseman Barry Wilkins was the man that made the crowd cheer

For it was Vancouver's first ever goal, and second of his career

Though the game was lost and it was the Kings that prevailed

The fans knew the Vancouver Canucks never did or will fail


However, their story doesn't end here

For this team will move on without a fear

They would play 34 more years with great heart and soul

Awaiting the day when they'd score the final goal 

How to be a True Hockey Fan


How to be a True hockey fan is what you'll be taught

First things first, its not about the merchandise you bought


Being a True fan is a lot more than that

It doesn't matter if you have every single vintage hat


You've got to have pride, all the willingness inside

Never let a loss bring you down or let you subside


To be a true fan you've got to stand tall

No matter what happens we should never stall


Don't forget to love the game and the sport too

The players and fans are like paper and glue


Without each other there wouldn't be a game

The Vancouver Canucks will always be a proud name


If you aren't a true fan yet then you must be a fool

You don't need any supplies or any tools


Because all you need is a good heart

To be a true fan is to stay from the start


Our lesson is done, see how easy it is?

It's as easy as Canucks beating St. Louis

We'll always be


It doesn't matter if you win, lose, or tie

It doesn't matter if you're aggressive, smart, or a normal guy


Without each other we wouldn't be a team

Together, with all it's pride we redeem


Canadian, American, Slovakian, Finnish, Czech, Russian or even Swede

Every nation is a team, as a team we feed


We give to each other pride, honour and love

The strength and skill in just a stick and a glove


You're all an inspiration, an influence in our lives

We look up to you all, you're the ones we idolize


Heroes of the generation is how we can describe you all

With determination and discipline you stand tall


Let's not forget the man off the ice, the teacher of the class

The coach of encouragement who helps the whole team pass


We're not only fans of this great sport

We're true believers in each of you we support


You're more than hockey players playing the game

You're the perfect picture of hope and inspiration we frame


I can't explain how much more you all are

You're our friends, our family, we're never far


Everyday as we breathe you can learn something new

Every game is a lesson, every game is a clue


You'll figure it out when you need to grin

It's every single moment you live, not only when you win


We just want to see a smile on each and every face

With love, with all our hearts, with you all we embrace


We'll never be able to describe how grateful we'll always be

It's more than words can ever feel, hear or see


We just want you all to be happy laughing out loud

Because no matter what we'll always be proud

An Ameliorated era


Once upon a day in time, I was afraid of tomorrow

I owned unwanted feelings of despair and sorrow

But now I pray the next day will appear

They taught me that there was nothing to fear


Once upon a day in time, I had no reflection

I hid behind a mask for my own protection

But now I reveal my face and smile

They showed me how it was all worthwhile


Once upon a day in time, I was lost and bemused

I took an erroneous path, my fears were amused

But now I walk a way towards a horizon of pride

They lead me to accomplishments, they were my guides 


Once upon a day in time, my life had no meaning or no name

I lived my life like a nobody; I was nothing but a shame

But now I see I have a purpose in my life I must complete

They supported me and enlightened me; emptiness did I defeat


Once upon a night in time, they were downhearted and behind

They questioned what had transpired, an answer they had to find

But now they truly believe with all their hearts so true

I had faith and hope, just as they had for me, and so we say thank-you

Sonnet #16


Thy day hath arrived whilst a hero shall'st appear

Ye chap shall be brimmed with heart

Mankind shall truly embrace him dear

For he shall accomplish thy nation's art

He matured into thy captain's role

A faithfully notable persona

Thy presence hath thine console

As he walk'st upon thy crimson night's corona

Thy losses mak'st thy heart ever thus stronger

Thereby, thy wins christened his heart undefeated

Preparing for thy dream thou wouldst come no longer

Thy wishes we freely bear for he shall not be cheated

Ye man shall compete among thee immense heart to love

Thou fixture, an aspiration he's been dreaming of

Think Twice


His agressive style, his jersey's clean

He's tougher than anyone has ever seen

His brown eyes glistened as he looked at the net

On this winter day, a loss means regret

He thrust himself into the man behind

A hammer through a nail

He gained the puck shot and scored

When he thought he failed



The final few seconds

An abandoned happiness

No one will disregard

More Canuck poems from different fans =D