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*Worth a Thousand Words

*Worth a Thousand Words
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"Good Canadian Kid" -- 4/00: John Shorthouse commenting on the quick recovery of a young boy, who was hit by a puck in the stands as a result of Bertuzzi's shot.  


"Jokela finished even in just over five minutes of ice time, most of which was played in Darren Langdon's underwear, wearing Klatt's extra skates, with Salo's stick. Not a bad showing for the 22-year-old Fin all things considered." - Kevin Kinghorn


"Come on Grandpa, skate!" -Yelled at Mark Messier by a smart Canucks fan at Tuesday's pre-season game against the Montreal Canadiens. 


"The Vancouver Canucks haven't just been beating teams during a six-game winning streak that's put them in the thick of the Western Conference playoff race three points back of the Edmonton Oilers, they've been lighting them up like cheap cigars." -- 1/30/02: Edmonton Sun journalist Robin Brownlee.


"I was a little frightened at first," said Chris Levesque, "but I just tried to play it cool on the bench. I just kept chewing my gum and looking up at the scoreboard. Luckily [Hedberg] was able to shake it off and get right back in."


Vancouver Canucks Dave Scatchard on Mark Messier's first game in New York's Madison Square Garden as a member of the Canucks - "I was fighting back tears, so I could only imagine what Mark was going through. You really feel what Mark meant to the city and what the city meant to him. How could anyone watch that and not feel emotional? He brought their team the Stanley Cup. Thank God he's on our team now."


"We all know Vancouver is a more beautiful city than Ottawa," he said with a laugh. "To be in the heart of it all in the West excites me very much."Smolinski traded to the Canucks from Chicago

"Every city wants their team to win, obviously, but this has become a city possessed"Pat Quinn 1994