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*Worth a Thousand Words

*Worth a Thousand Words
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Mattias Ohlund Quotes


Mattias Ohlund, who wears a visor after suffering serious eye injury: "Back then you didn't see a lot of the bigger guys wearing visors. And I'm not going to lie to you, it is a little more comfortable without it and once you take it off for a while it's hard to imagine putting it back on. I was lucky. I'd never take that chance again."


"But it's worse. Ohlund has blonde hair, blue eyes and the ruggedly handsome features that, well, women find irresistible." - Gary Mason, The Vancouver Sun.


Ohlund was out with the sprained knee and Linden's eye was injured during Christmas time last year. Reporters asked Ohlund if he'll go with Linden for Christmas shopping, and Ohlund said "Yeah, Linden'll carry me and I'll tell him where to go."


Anaheim is one of the best teams in the league and we want to prove ourselves and to everybody else we belong in that category”Ohlund

"Sometimes when I fall down, I look like a hippo getting up." - Ohlund