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Murray Baron


After dropping his gloves to get into a fight with Boston Bruins Troy Mallette, the Canadien defenseman was knocked almost unconscious after the first blow. Twenty-one stitches were needed over his left eye. As his teammate Marc Bureau was helping him to get up, Murray Baron asked him, with a confused look: "Do you have my leather jacket??"


"I haven't tried slappers but the guys say I can't shoot anyway so it doesn't really matter." -- 2/12/02: Canucks' defenseman Murray Baron who hasn't scored a goal this season and is out of the lineup due to a broken knuckle.


"Hey, how ya doin'?" --Murray Baron, after noticing Jokela sitting on the bench beside him during a game, filling in for Salo.


"Hey, who's the new guy?" --Murray Baron (04/01/03, after seeing Mattias Ohlund on the bench at practice after nearly 4 weeks of injury.

"Anyone want to sit on my lap?" It's like I'm sitting next to Bobby Orr." -- Murray Baron as reporters surged around Brent Sopel after a morning skate

Dan Cloutier


"Goalie Dan Cloutier sometimes has trouble with rebounds, but the Wild forwards are so far from the net they have to set their watches back an hour." --Tony Gallagher (05/04/03)


After watching Murray Baron collide with associate coach Jack McIlhargey at the other end of the ice during Thursday's practice, Cloutier yelled out for everyone to hear "Old time hockey!"


"There's unfinished business in Vancouver; I want to prove something to the fans who have supported me." - Dan Cloutier


"It's nice to see him get that goal here at home but I guess I'll be on the highlight reels for a while." - Cloutier on having Sakic score his 500th on him.


 Dan Cloutier, on the crowds response to his play: "Obviously, you want the crowd behind you but as I keep saying these people pay a lot of money to watch us play and that gives them the right to cheer for who they like and boo those they dislike. When things go well, like they did tonight, these fans will be behind you. Were in Canada here and they know when youre having a good night and they know when youre having a bad one. But its nice to have them cheer like they did at the end. That was nice."


"Let them say what they want, they are the one's paying the money to see me play" - Dan Cloutier


"My parents told me it would be a lot of pressure. The goalie's always the hero when you win, or questioned when you lose. It takes a lot of character to play that position. I just love it." - Dan Cloutier


"Yeah I did. It was pretty funny actually."- Dan Cloutier when asked if he saw the jackass who climbed the protective netting behind his goal with five minutes remaining in the third.


Linden was up on stage in a skit and some kid asks him "So Trev how was the hockey game last night" and Linden replies: "Well, it was good but we could have WON had our GOALIE not let in so many BAD goals"...mean while Clouts is sitting in the audience staring up at Linden biting his up goes Clouts to the stage and they do their skit and kid asks again "So Dan how was the game last night?" and Cloutier replies while looking at Linden "Oh you know... good but we could have won but you know those OLD TIMERS they run out of steam so quickly they can't get back to help the d-men out"....Linden was just sitting there laughing his ass off, and they bickered back and forth jokingly the whole time!


Ed Jovanovski


"Bottom line, everyone is buying into the program."- Ed Jovanovski on the team's winning ways.


Tyson Nash to Ed Jovanovski, after Jovo took a penalty: "You have two minutes to think about it" while Nash was pointing to his head.


"You're f*cking lucky." -- 2/24/01: Ed Jovanovski to Patrick Lalime in the 2/24/01 Vancouver/Ottawa game


"I'm so proud of the guys in this room, I can't tell you. And we really appreciate the ovation the fans gave us at the end of our last game. They were great all year." - Ed Jovanovski, 2001


Ed Jovanovski on his game-winning goal: "I saw a bunch of our guys going to the net and I just wanted to throw it there. Luckily enough it went of Thomas' stick and in. Anyway I can get them, I'll take them."


"Last we checked the staff at the E-Center they were still trying to wipe off Martin Rucinsky's face from the glass after getting hammered by Jovo." – 2/18/02: Pierre Lebrun of the Canadian Press. Jovanovski obliterated Czech player Martin Rucinsky with a crushing bodycheck.

"These are the games when you finish you're going to have ice bags all over your body. It's well worth it." - Ed Jovanovski

Trent Klatt


"It's funny how two games is a losing streak now." - Klatt when asked about stopping the two-game skid with a win over Colorado.


"That's one of the nice things about this team. Todd and Markus don't set themselves apart or ahead of anyone else. There's very much a team feeling and everyone ultimately cares about one another. Everyone believes in each other."- Trent Klatt on the chemistry in the Canucks' dressing room.


"I've never seen this room as excited as it was last year. It was so much fun. Everyone of us is proud we're the team that gave our fans the chance to experience the passion of the playoffs again. This is good for the Canucks, for my team-mates and the whole city." - Trent Klatt, 2001


Brad May


"I don't want to say anything about Steve Moore, Peter Worrell will come after me." - Brad May, when asked if he'll get revenge over Steve Moore who, last time this team met, knocked Nazzy out for over a week.


"The psychology is just f*** him! No, no, wait I'm kidding don't write that...please don’t write that!" - Brad May


Brad May, tough guy: "I probably should wear a visor... Maybe it's ignorant, but across the board that's the way it is. A guy puts on a face-shield and he's 32 years old and other guys are going to say, 'He's washed up. He doesn't want to be tough anymore.' If you're a tough guy there is a stigma attached to it, I'm sorry to say. Suddenly you're a pussy. It's a dumb thing, but it's true and it sucks."


"I jumped on the ice for the anthem - no joke - and I looked over and he was all greased up. He had Vaseline all over his face. I was on the ice for six seconds and I was chasing a puck down in our own zone and I could hear him breathing behind me."Brad May on one of his two fights with John Craighead in the preseason.


Jarkko Ruutu

"He's got a smile like poison come to dinner don't he?" - Jim Hughson on Jarkko Ruutu

Jarkko Ruutu, on his two-goal outburst: "I never think about points. For me the most important thing is the when the team wins. But it's a nice confidence boost for me. They weren't pretty, but not too many of my goals have been. All my goals in my life are off of rebounds or on a breakaway. It's cliche, but when you go to the net good things happen."  


"Ya I'm ready..everything is good to go..Now I just have to pack my underwear." - Jarkko Ruutu


Jarkko Ruutu, on his KO of Craig Rivet: "I'm a team player and you have to stand-up for your teammates. I was lucky tonight. The fight just happened and I caught him with a good one at the end."


"No, I just don’t want to look at you." -- Ruutu after staring straight into the camera during an interview and the reporter asked if his neck was sore.


"Did the doctor have to seduce her?" -- Jarkko Ruutu after hearing John Shorthouses wife was 11 days late before giving birth to their first child.


"His knob hit me right there." - Jarkko Ruutu pointing to a welt under his left eye after the game. Marek Malik accidentally poked him in the eye with the end of his stick as they left the room for the pre-skate.


"It always feels good to get a goal or an assist or a point, but I don't think it's my job. I want to score as much as possible, but I have to do the other things I'm supposed to do."Ruutu


"I got whacked there and it happened. It's not that big a deal. Sure, I'm frustrated. I want to get back in the lineup and it's been awhile. I can't remember the last time I played. Anyway, I got noticed." - Jarkko Ruutu on throwing punches with teammate Matt Cooke during Friday's practice after getting slashed.


Brent Sopel


"Some guy sent me six bucks and told me to cut my hair. I didn't, but I kept the money.” --Brent Sopel


"The man who redefines barber phobia." - Kevin Kinghorn, on Brent Sopel


"It was great to see all those smiles on the guys faces, and all the ice-bags on their bodies." - Brent Sopel, 2001




"We need to be more physical, even Reid's throwing his weight around, whatever weight that is!"- Bertuzzi on Reid's play


"I don't know if they call him the Moose because he played in Manitoba or because he snores like a moose. Sometimes, I think I'm rooming with a real moose." Marc Bergevin on Johan Hedberg.


"I got drunk. I had to." -- 4/21/01: -- Canucks forward Donald Brashear on what he did after being swept in the first round by Colorado.


"I'm sure that Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg aren't sitting around worrying about who we're going to throw at them." -- 4/21/01: -- Canucks goalie Bob Essensa on whether he or Dan Cloutier will start in goal against Colorado.


"Only if I blow out my knee right now and my season ends." -- 10/00: Backup goaltender Bob Essensa to the Vancouver Sun on the possibility of him going undefeated this season.


"Maybe the reason is they have to score more when I play." -- Essensa when asked why the Canucks seem to play better with him in net.


"Obviously you got to take a couple punches in the face - well, hopefully not that hard." - Langdon on his fighting strategy of hanging on early in an attempt to come on strong late.


"Engimatic Fedor Fedorov has all the things you can't teach - but unfortunately not many of the things you can" - Gordon McIntyre of the Province.


Vancouver goaltender, Kirk Mclean, on how tough the goaltender's job is: "It's pretty tough for a goalie when you look at it. You're always the last line of defense. If you let a goal in you can't go to the bench and hide between the guys or anything. "


"It's been long enough."- Backup Peter Skudra on playing in Tampa Bay after starting only one other game this season.