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*Worth a Thousand Words

*Worth a Thousand Words
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"Wonder Twin powers activated." - John Shorthouse


Because you never miss an opportunity to joke with a Sedin, Hammerin' Hank was asked if he was afraid Daniel would go Hollywood on him after his big night and get his own Nike commercial. "No", Henrik deadpanned. "Ikea, maybe."


A reporter asked Trevor Linden which player[s] look bad in the 'play-off beard,' he responds: "The Sedins, they don't know where to put it."


"[The Sedin twins] surprised me. They're patient with the puck, they can control the game. The passes they made on both goals -- it was like (the passes were) to themselves. I didn't know if one had two goals or if both had one goal." - Martin Brodeur

"Well, Henrik's #33 and Daniel's #22" - Crawford, when asked how to tell the twins apart.