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Trevor Linden Quotes


"That's why he wears the C. He does it quietly. He does it best when he does his talking on the ice. His scars will show it." - Stan Smyl on Trevor Linden.


Linden, on how he’s adjusting with being back with the Canucks: "It feels good. Its the type of situation where I feel I belong and I feel like this is where I want to be. You have a lot of loyalty to an organization that you spend a long time with and a city you play a long time for."


"Ohh baby, shake what your mama gave you, Trevor!" - Tom Larscheid


"There is no use slandering Trevor or embarrassing a guy who has devoted his heart and soul to his team. I know for a fact that Trevor goes all out every time he laces on his skates. In the eight years I've been here, there's no player I respect more than Trevor Linden." - Gino Odjick after Keenan humiliated Linden.


"He'll play. You bet he'll play. He'll play on crutches. And he'll play, on Tuesday night, at Madison Square Garden." - Jim Robson on Linden as he broke his nose for the second time in the Stanley Cup play-offs.


"Everybody wants to play in the playoffs. You don't know how good the good times were until you hit the bad times. But sometimes success is just around the corner." --Trevor Linden


Trevor Linden, on viewing the site of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas: "I had to pinch myself seeing the grassy knoll and the book suppository building."


Trevor Linden, who tried a visor this year and discarded it: "After 15 years without one it felt strange, but I thought I'd give it a try, an honest try. Now this isn't going to make any sense, but when I returned I was playing extremely poorly and that's why I decided to take it off... This is not an easy issue. And it's a bit uncomfortable for me because I know that my personal answers don't make a lot of sense."


Linden was up on stage in a skit and some kid asks him "So Trev how was the hockey game last night" and Linden replies: "Well, it was good but we could have WON had our GOALIE not let in so many BAD goals"...mean while Clouts is sitting in the audience staring up at Linden biting his up goes Clouts to the stage and they do their skit and kid asks again "So Dan how was the game last night?" and Cloutier replies while looking at Linden "Oh you know... good but we could have won but you know those OLD TIMERS they run out of steam so quickly they can't get back to help the d-men out"....Linden was just sitting there laughing his ass off, and they bickered back and forth jokingly the whole time!


"Now that the Vancouver Canucks are one of the hottest teams in hockey and back in the Western Conference playoff race after most of us had written them off, is it all right to mention that GM Brian Burke knew what he was doing when he acquired Trevor Linden from the Washington Capitals?" -- 2/2/02: Sports columnist Red Fisher of the Montreal Gazette.


Dan Cloutier, on the addition of Trevor Linden: "It's huge to get a veteran like him. He's got a lot of leadership skills and he wins a lot of big faceoffs, so were certainly lucky and glad to have him. He helps everyone."