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Vancouver Canucks Quotes


"They're playing extremely well as a team right now, and that's what it takes to have success in this league," Anaheim captain Scott Niedermayer said. "You can tell they have confidence in each other and in what they're doing out there." (2007)

"People talk about us playing an eighth place team and being favourites and all that. That is not an eighth place team over there. Not even close." -- 4/16/02: Brett Hull after an opening game loss to the Vancouver Canucks.


"In short, we're like 11-year-olds watching Scream. Only our Scream runs three times a week and the ending is always different." -- 4/7/02: Vancouver sportswriter Ed Willes on the unusually tight Western Conference playoff run, and how it feels to be a fan watching it.


"Like a cockroach, these guys just won't die. And they may survive some higher-profile species and make the playoffs." -- 3/00: ESPN Power Rankings for the Canucks


"In order to properly commemorate the Vancouver Canucks' first three-game winning streak in almost 20 months, let's refer to the immortal words of Thursday-night TV sitcom character, Chandler Bing, and I quote:" - Intro to a story in the Sports Section.


"There's just too much talent out there with the puck" - Washington forward Mike Grier after 6-1 loss to Vancouver


“The Canucks are everything hockey fans in this city love. They're young fast and most importantly, bring their lunch pails to work every night. Their home jerseys maybe white but their collars are blue. And if the first-round series against Colorado showed us anything it was the boundless future this team has." - Vancouver Sun, 2001