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Roberto Luongo Quotes


"I will be in the playoffs this year. Nothing will stop me."Luongo

"I feel different. I feel the excitement. And that's why I signed long-term here. I could see this potential. Right now, we're in a pretty good spot but I'm not taking anything for granted." Luongo

Call Luongo the best goaltender in the league,” Blackhawks coach Denis Savard told reporters after his team lost in a shootout to the Canucks last week.

Lightning center Brad Richards on Monday said with a smile and a chuckle that last summer's trade that sent Luongo to the Canucks was ‘a good thing.’” It seemed the more shots we took, the better he got."Richards on Luongo

"It was frustrating," Boyle said. "During a game, you're trying to get shots on him (Luongo). And then the game's over, and you say, 'What just happened?' "


“Bingo, bango, bongo, his name is Roberto Luongo!”Larscheid


“All I can say is La La Luongo” - Larscheid




Roberto Luongo: "I waited such a long time to be part of the playoffs and I definitely didn't want it to end tonight,” said Luongo, who was serenaded him with chants of MVP in the final minute. "Just sitting there trying to soak it all in, I got a little emotional. It's nice to see all the hard work all season pay off like that. I didn't shed a tear but maybe my eyes got a little watery."


"Roberto is the foundation that we're going to build around," Vigneault said. "He's got the culture that both Dave [Nonis] and I want. He's got the passion. And the work ethic. He's what we're going to build this team around."

“In nearly every one of the Canucks' victories this season, Luongo has been by far their best player. If he continues his strong play through the conclusion of the regular season and leads the Canucks to the Northwest Division title, it should be a fait accompli that he receives the Hart Trophy (league MVP) as well as the Vezina Trophy (NHL's best netminder) in his first season in Vancouver.” Kevin Greenstein, columnist

"It was not an equipment problem," Luongo said when asked about his late appearance in overtime. "Let's leave it like that." (April 2007)


"I worked hard all year, the whole team worked hard all year. Hopefully this summer I'll be able to look back and enjoy what I did this year." Luongo (April 2007)


"It was the most fun I've ever had in the NHL and I enjoyed it," said Luongo. "The prospect of next year is even more exciting."Luongo (April 2007)


"That's why it's so hard to see it end," he said. "I wanted to keep going and try to go all the way.” Luongo (April 2007)


“Dave Nonis probably didn’t realize it at the time, but when the general manager of the Vancouver Canucks acquired Roberto Luongo in June, he didn’t just get a good goalie. He also gained a huge advantage on every opponent the Canucks will face this season and for years to come.” - Jeff Paterson


“He’s very good,” says Rory Fitzpatrick, who signed with the Canucks as a free agent this summer after spending the past four years in Buffalo and getting to know Luongo well as an Eastern Conference foe. “Every time we’d go into Florida, that was the main topic: you know you’ve got to beat Roberto and you’re not going to beat him on your first shot. You have to get people in front, and it’s going to be a second or third shot that you’re going to score on. He’s a big guy and covers a lot of space, and he’s one of the top goalies in the league, and I think the people of Vancouver are really going to like watching him play. And I know as a defenceman, I’m loving that he’s here.”


“I think it changes your mindset a little bit,” veteran centre Brendan Morrison says. “Clouts [Dan Cloutier] was an extremely competitive guy, and when he was on his game and playing his best, he gave us a chance to win every night. I think with Roberto that’s magnified just because he has the ability to steal a game every night, and there are few goalies who can do that. I think having him back there is going to provide the rest of the team with a little more confidence. He’s intimidating simply because when you look at him in the net, there isn’t a lot of net to shoot at. I think he gets in the head of opposing shooters and gives us a leg up right away.”


“If you don’t play with confidence, your game is going to suffer,” Luongo, the odds-on favourite to be the starter for Team Canada at the 2010 Olympics, told the Straight in a lengthy and wide-ranging interview in Vernon. “I don’t think I’m someone who’s arrogant at all. I know what I can do and I work very hard for it. It [all the shots he faced in Florida] wasn’t the best situation to be in. If I wasn’t at the top of my game every night, basically we knew we didn’t have a chance to win. But, in a way, it was kind of good for me to know that I had to be at the top of my game every night, and it kind of forced me to challenge myself night after night. I think it really improved the mental side of my game a lot.”


You know that you have a piece of the puzzle that you can build from, and that’s what we talked about when Roberto became available to us,” says Canucks assistant general manager Steve Tambellini, who had firsthand knowledge of Luongo’s ability from time spent together with Canada’s 2004 World Cup team and the 2006 Olympic squad. “The decision was made quite quickly that we were going to do what it takes to get this piece in our organization. We’ve told Roberto that we’re going to work with him and build this team from him out. So our job is to make sure that we have the right supporting crew, because we know we’ve seen him in action, we’ve seen him in pressure, we’ve seen him come in and back up Marty Brodeur and win in international play. He’s won gold medals; he’s been in World Juniors. Now his goal is that he wants to be in the National Hockey League playoffs.”


“Also, in my spare time, I like to play on-line poker—but only when my wife’s not around,” Luongo says with a laugh. (He also claims to have kicked a nasty habit earlier in his career of watching Days of Our Lives as part of his game-day routine.)

And for a kid growing up in Montreal, with so many good French-Canadian netminders to emulate, Luongo wasn’t drawn to the position by Patrick Roy, as so many of his peers have been. No, Luongo says he was fascinated by the performance of Grant Fuhr during the Oilers heyday in Edmonton.
“He was my idol and he’s the reason I became a goaltender,” he explains. “I watched him on TV, and those great glove saves is what really attracted me to be a goalie in the first place. You know, watching him as a kid, I was always in amazement.”


“I know a lot of people expect a lot out of me, and that’s great, because I expect a lot out of myself and I’m my biggest critic,” says Luongo, who points to his height and his glove hand as his strengths and who admits that puck-handling is an area he continues to work on. “For me, I want to go out there and perform every night and give this team a chance to win every night. Anything short of that is going to be disappointing for myself, and you’ll see it on nights after games when things didn’t go maybe the way I wanted them to for myself, you’ll see that I’m not very happy with myself. I’m a very competitive person, and I want to be at 100 percent every night.”