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Brendan Morrison Quotes


“Goals are like bananas, they come in bunches” - Morrison (06-07)


“Good teams, even when they’re not at their best, find ways to win.” - Morrison (06-07)


"Maybe we don't know any better." -- 4/19/02: Canucks' forward Brendan Morrison on Vancouver's success so far against the Red Wings.


"If Bert and Nazzy are both sitting at 49 goals and the 3 of us a skating towards an empty net and I have the puck, I'm just going to look at the both of them and roof the puck in the net myself" - Morrison


A reporter asked "Who's the best joker/comedian in the Vancouver locker room? Any memorable pranks?"
Brendan Morrison
: "I don't know if there's one particular guy, everyone's kind of going at it with everybody else at some point, but a guy like Darren Langdon from Newfoundland is a pretty funny guy. The guys get a kick out of him. I don't know if I remember one particular prank, but little things like guys putting shaving cream in someone's towel never gets old."


"Being a young kid and going to Canucks games with my parents, it always crossed your mind that if you ever made it to the NHL it'd be special playing in your hometown," said Morrison, who was originally drafted by the New Jersey Devils in 1993. "Not to be too corny or anything, but it is a dream come true. I remember going to games and trying to picture myself on the ice, playing in front of family and friends, and for that to happen to me has been amazing."

"I'm pretty fortunate to be playing with them," Morrison
said about Bertuzzi and Naslund. "Those guys are pretty special players: different types of players, but very good players."


"I was looking around because I thought they were going to bring a stretcher out to carry the gorilla that fell off my back." --Morrison (02/07/03) against Buffalo after snapping an 18-game goalless drought.


"They're getting old, those guys. They're getting worn down." - Brendan Morrison on having to work Thursday while linemates Naslund and Bertuzzi got the day off.


Brendan Morrison, who has always worn a visor: "It's common sense isn't it? I know for some guys it's a macho thing, but that's nuts. If guys are so tough when they don't wear visors, why don't they play a game without a jock? I mean you've got two balls, right?"


"He's not afraid to shoot. He likes to use his slapper, even if it doesn't break 75 mph." - Naslund on Morrison


In an interview with Dan Murphy right before the 2003 playoffs:
Mo: "...It's been a thrill to be able to play with these guys."
Nazzy: "Be honest."
Mo: "I'm just happy that I'm being included in this interview, to be honest with you."


"Our top line just blended. When Andrew Cassels got hurt, they moved Brendan Morrison in the middle and it was a great opportunity for him. It's been awesome ever since. It's great to watch every night. They're funny too, because Markus and Todd argue about everything and Brendan is the peacemaker." -- Jovo


"I don't think he had to say too much. He just stands there and looks good. Nothing changes. Keeps him in a comfortable role. Maybe if they released it a little bit early they could have promoted it for an Oscar performance." - Brendan Morrison on Bertuzzi's TV appearance on Cold Squad.


"I remember telling my friends that one day I’m going to bring the Stanley Cup to Vancouver"- Brendan Morrison