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I Support Todd Bertuzzi


After what happened on March 8th, you either hate him or support him. But for those who hate him just because of that incident should just take time to think. Obviously you hate him because of what he did, it was wrong and a stupid mistake, but don't be an a**hole about it. Everyone says it was intentional and his apology was even more disgraceful but how can you say that? Canuck fans, especially Bertuzzi fans, will definitely stand up for the man...why? Not because they're just fans but because they know Bert a hella lot more than any other fan who insists he's chicken sh*t.

We've watched him play ever since he stepped onto Vancouver territory, we read and watch stories of him and his personal life...sometimes people know him enough to well...know him. You can hate him all you want but don't disrespect his emotions, big tough guys like Bert don't cry. I've read many comments about fans who try and stand up for him and other fans who just bring him down...we support Bertuzzi not the act. Be smart and just think about it! He did in fact throw that hit because he wanted to start a scrap but did he intend to break his bones? No, that's an obvious no. Bertuzzi is a big guy and has that tough guy reputation making others even hate him more. But if you consider putting another player in his place...perhaps a good guy like Sakic then I'm pretty damn sure the criticism would be different. Obviously Sakic wouldn't do anything like that but just imagine...I bet more than 98% of people will support him because they know he ain't that type of player. Bertuzzi on the other hand has a different style of play...but the way you play doesn't necessarily mean that's the way you live. Sakic and Bertuzzi both have something in common, they're both great players...Sakic has a great wrist-shot and Bertuzzi's an awesome power forward, they both have their aspirations and dreams. He may look big, tough and mean but don't be a stereotype and immediantly think he's like that...sure he does show his nasty side here and there but he has a heart and he's a freaking human being! We all make mistakes! There's just more to Bert because he's a famous hockey player...would you want people who probably have never watched you ever play ultimately criticize you for that one mistake you made?! I feel sorry for Steve Moore, and he didn't deserve to get hurt even after that collision with Naslund, I know he's a good guy and I'm sorry that it had to be him in Bert's hands. But no one other than the one's that know Bert best have the right to criticize him for his actions. Would you want a table of judges to judge your performance even if they never saw it? Don't be a stereotype! Sure you watched that grueling video clip over and over again but that doesn't make you an expert on Bertuzzi. You don't know him like most others do...he's gone through alot to make it as the best power forward in the league, but it can all end right here...not only because of what he's done but because he's afraid no one will accept him anymore...he'll be afraid to step on the ice with people watching his every move and critizing his every mistake. He's gotten boos and hates from all around and its not like he swears at people for doing so, he smiles at the Minnesota fans that boo him everytime he touches the puck...he doesn't give them dirty looks or threatens them.

Now you're thinking it was Bertuzzi's plan all along...well, you can say he did say Moore should watch it next time and it did sound like a threat. Brad May put a bounty on his head and there he goes scoring the only 2 goals and picking fights with Worrell. Naslund and Bertuzzi are like brothers, Bert's there to protect him. He said that to scare Moore, to tell him that he shouldn't pull off something like that next time they meet...he wanted to keep his big tough don't expect him to say something like: It's ok if he hit my best friend. When Bert skated behind Moore he was thinking of giving him a little ass-kicking, it didn't matter, the Canucks were losing 9-2, the fans needed to cheer up and well, Bert probably thought...why not pick a fight? That always gets the crowd back into the game and the fans would love it but one lousy move changed everything...and about 5 other guys who jumped on top of the pile. The hit should of came from a different side, we all know the consequences would of been different if he took that hit from the front. That pile slid for a while and the one's that road that pile should take some blame for what happened...when someone is falling forward with your hand on their back its hard to let go...its too fast to think about there you go falling on top of the guy...don't believe it? Put on some skates and push a guy on the ice...try and let go...its hard when its so slippery...ain't it? And once again those other players who joined the ride didn't help much either. Bertuzzi deserved his suspension he recieved and probably the more he'll get. But bringing the law into things? That's just crazy, he deserved the suspension and the regret but he does not deserve to be guilty. The court should be spending their money on the real criminals out there, the league can handle themselves.

He's gone through do we not know that this could of been the Canucks' year? But then Bertuzzi gets himself into a mess and there he is on front of his tv watching his team lose in game 7...he could of been the one to win that game for them...he could of been the one that led them into the finals. Isn't knowing that enough punishment for him? Isn't knowing that people won't think of him the same hurt him? It hurts when I think about it.

Todd Bertuzzi is a hockey player but under the hockey gear is a man, a father, a husband and a friend. Have you ever made a mistake that hurt someone physically, mentally or emotionally? I'm behind Bertuzzi not only because I'm a fan but because I'm a person just like him who experiences mistakes in an everyday life. Don't let his looks or his reputation fool you...he's like everyone else but his position in life changes the situation. So if you criticize Todd Bertuzzi for that one incident...for that one costly mistake then maybe we should all be throwing rocks at ourselves. It doesn't matter who was in the hot seat...if it were Tie Domi, Matt Cooke or maybe even Mario Lemieux! My opinion on this situation would not hate him as much as you want but please don't hate him because he's Todd Bertuzzi, the man that hit Steve Moore...he deserves alot more support than he already has. You can stand with him or not but next time you make a mistake you should walk your a** over to our world.

- Summer 2004

He's a player who plays the game he loves and he's amazing at it...
He's a friend who's always there when others need assisting...
He's a husband and a father who loves and cares about his family...
And he's a person who makes mistakes...just like the rest of us...