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*Worth a Thousand Words

*Worth a Thousand Words
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Not a big fan but a True Believer



My Hockey 411?


Favorite player(s): I don't have a favorite player...I love them all! But I find that Linden has my greatest respects.
Most Memorable Canuck moment: I can't really say that I have a MOST memorable moment because I wasn't there when most of them happened. That includes the first Canucks game in 1970; I was born in 88, the 82 and 94 Stanley Cup Finals; I just moved to BC, etc...I've seen pictures and read articles of all kinds of moments and I just get chills when I think about it. But there are obviously some dates and moments to remember.

For unforgettable moments during the season [click here] --> Seasons Re-lived =)

Just for fun =)
"Ok, there's these 4 guys. One's a Leafs fan, one's a Sens fan, one's a Canucks, and one's a Flames. So they talk and the Leafs guy says: "OK THIS IS FOR THE LEAFS!" and jumps off a cliff. The Sens guy is like: "YEAH! THIS IS FOR THE SENS!" and he jumps off.Then the Canucks guy is like: "HELL YEAH! THIS IS FOR THE NUCKS!" and he pushes the Flames guy off."